Poppassword Client program

... do you want to change your email password easily?
Here is the answer! Poppassword is widely used to use email password by Eudora Mailer.
In order to use this service, poppassd should be installed to the server side machine (I don't know if this service is supported by Windows platform). Once you install the poppassd software, what will you do next? Did you already search the internet to look for the client program? Of course you can get some client side software written in Perl. I tried to find some client side program and I found some, but I could not come up with an idea how to use them (;_;). I made up my mind to create a client program which can be used damn easily. I made it. Here is the easier client software written by Java.

This is the client software:

How to use it?
It is damn easy to use this client software, if you can create a Home Page.


Please download the client side program from HERE and save this program to your Hard Disk.


Please locate this applet to a web site. The following tags would be the best:

<APPLET CODE="Popclient.class" width=400 height=500>
<PARAM name="HOST" value="hostname">

For hostname, please specify your server name.

...this is all. Did you make it? If you don't understand how to use this software, please do not hesitate to send email to me to complain !!

How to install server side program?
On FreeBSD Platform: go to /usr/ports/mail/poppassd and do "make; make install".
On Debian/Linux platform: please refer to http://www.de.debian.org/Packages/stable/mail/poppassd.html
Source file is available at http://www.westnet.com/providers/
How to install poppassd written in Japanese is located at http://www.jah.ne.jp/~pegira/doc/poppassd12.html
Source file is available here too, ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/stable/source/mail/