JAL98 Wallpaper Changer

This is Jal98 Wallpaper AutoChanger for Windows98/Windows NT
This software can be installed for non-Japanese Windows98 as well.
(The installation procedure might be navigated by weird characters though, you should not care for that :-) )
This is the screenshot

Please download the zip file from Here . The File size is 4.2MB (a bit too big :P)
After downloading the File, please uncompress that file by using, for example, winzip.
Double click the setup.exe which is generated by uncompress tool. Follow the procedure of installation, then JAL98 program will be installed easily. It will be added to your start up list.

Start -> program -> Jal98 Wallpaper Changer -> Jal98 Wallpaper Changer

If you don't know how to install or how to use it, please contact to Nobuaki

17 Jal98 images will be shown at the background of your desktop. They will be changed automatically when the program is running.
The interval of changing the paper is fixed, it is 1 minute. Some people say that the interval should be changed by ourselves, if you think so, please contact to Nobuaki
. I will make the original version just for you.
If you want to use your original image to this program, please send your image to Nobuaki
. Since I think the simplicity is very important for this program, I did not add any customizable function :P
If you need any extra function for this program, please contact to Nobuaki
Special thanks for Mervin, for his contribution of great pictures!