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) Introduction (
Type Speed World Competition was realized on the net! You can compete with rivals in all over the world! Please take part in this competition if you are confident about your Type Speed! This Type Speed World Competition can also be used to practice Typing as well! You can use this as your own way!
By the way, as for World Competition realized on the net, there are several other ideas such as "CPU Speed World Competition". Don't you think this is rather interesting? If you are interested in this idea, why don't we try to create one? Please send Email to me if you can create one with me! Let's create an interesting thing on the net together!

) How to try? (
You can go to the Java applet of Type Speed World Competition by clicking [ Here ] . Here, I would like to explain how to try Type Speed World Competition.
) Initial Panel
On the initial panel, you can choose the Level of the Text that you are going to type. Your nickname is also can be specified here (but this is optional). If you put your nickname here, your nickname will be appeared in the ranking, if you get the good score. If you want to show to the world that you are NO.1, please input your nickname here!
After the input, please click the button "Click here to continue...".

) Main Panel
Canvas you are going to type the text will be shown in this panel. The text will be appeared in the white canvas with black letters located at the center. At the top-right, the number of lines of the text will be shown. You can get to know how long the text is. Please click on the canvas of the text once before you start typing! (I dunno why this is needed ...)

On the panel, from top-left, in clockwise, these are located: Choice of the type of the same level, Button of submit the new type, Your chosen level, Current Type of the text, Top score in the past of the text, Average score in the past of the text, Button to move to the first Panel, Time (Score).

Once you start typing, the Time shown below the Canvas will be started counting. It will be stopped when you finish typing all of the text correctly, and you will go to the result panel.

How to type the text?
Texts input correctly will be shown in light blue characters , you can get to know until where you input already by checking this color. Please hit Enter (Return) key at the end of each lines. Please do not hit space or other keys at here, it will be considered as "Mistype" .
If you mistype the text, the line will be shown in red characters . If you mistype, please verify the mistyped part by hitting Delete key or Backspace key. Once the mistyped part is deleted, the line will be shown in light blue characters . If you input all of the text correctly, the typing is considered as finished! Therefore, please verify the mistype!

) Result Panel
These are shown on this panel:
    > The level and type that you tried
    > Your score (time)
    > Your rank
    > Top score in the past
    > Button to go to the initial panel
If you want to try again, please click the light green button!

... do you understand how to try Type Speed World Competition? If you still do not understand how to use it, please send Email to Me . I would like to explain it for you clearly.
... are you ready? Let's try
Type Speed World Competition!

Type Speed World Competition requires to communicate with the server when you are trying. Please do not be disconnected while you are trying Type Speed World Competition!
Plus if you are behind firewall, you may not be able to try Type Speed World Competition, please ask the network administrator about this issue, thank you.

Type Speed World Competition will work on Internet Explorer 5.0 or more, and on Netscape Navigator 4.7 or more. As for the lower versions, I still did not check. I think it may work ;-)

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