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What is Dine Sweeper ?
Do you know the game "Mine Sweeper" ? It is a very famous game and you may have tried it before. Dine Sweeper is very much similar to Mine Sweeper, the rule is actually the same. Therefore it may be easy for you to master how to try Dine Sweeper. The crutial difference is, however, Dine Sweeper allows you to create your own field. In the section "Create a new Field", you can create a new Bomb field as you like. When you create a new field, it will be added to our database. The field can be played by other people. Please create a difficult field to be solved and make other people annoyed !!
In the section "Try Created Field" , you can try those fields created in the past by other people. How much you are talented at solving the field is measured by the time that you have needed to solve. For those who has never tried "Mine Sweeper" before, some practice fields are prepared. By tying these sample fields, you may be able to recognize the rule of how to solve the fields. The time that you were needed to solve the field will be registered and will be appeard on the ranking. "Dine Sweeper" will offer you to become the No.1 in the world !
Why is this game's name "Dine Sweeper" ?
Mine Sweeper -> Mine(english) = "Mein" (Deutsche) -> "Dein" ("your" in Deutsche) -> "Dine" (Englishized) -> Dine Sweeper

.....Do you understand ??

Lastly, please enjoy Dine Sweeper !

If you have any questions, comments or complains about Dine Sweeper,
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